Your Surface multi-touch table in action on Perrier tour


Arcstream AV is working with Experiential specialists BEcause to use the latest interactive technology to produce a fully interactive party for Perrier in prestigious London locations including Whiskey Mist and Movida.

The parties form part of Perrier’s campaign to support its distribution in premiere London bars and its position as an alternative soft drink and mixer.

BEcause created dedicated Perrier 'bubble zones' with Arcstream AV’s bespoke Your Surface multi-touch tables, that allow guests to enjoy a range of bespoke Perrier cocktails created especially for the evenings. When guests touch the tables or place their glasses down, bubbles appear under their touch, thanks to infrared, multi-touch technology developed by Your Surface.

Project Manager Katie Penfold said:
"The idea of creating dedicated Perrier evenings in London's most exclusive clubs puts the brand at the heart of London's trend-setting social scene. It's a great way to position the brand as an alternative soft drink or mixer, enjoyed by all the coolest people in the most exclusive places. We are employing the very latest technologies as part of the set up to really draw the party goers into the brand."